Day 1 ~ Davenport, IA

On February 24, the Castle Singers and Kammerstreicher set out for the first stop in Davenport, Iowa after a long week of midterms. The Singers and Stringers spent the first exciting day at St. Paul Lutheran Church with Chris Nelson as our host. While the Singers were rehearsing, Kammerstreicher and Dr. Tews visited Rock Island High School orchestra in Illinois to clinic and perform with the students. After a wonderful dinner provided by church members, we performed our first tour concert joined by a select group from the Rock Island Orchestra. The group played two songs they will be performing at Disney in March. One of the other highlights of the evening was the world premiere of Dr. Tews’ “A fishin’ apron cesspool.” This madrigal is written in “mad gab” and at first, glance looks like many random words strung together, but when it is sung, tells the tragic story of a princess and a fish. Kammerstreicher and Castle Singers are currently on their way to Centenary Methodist Church in Terry Haute, Indiana to perform their second concert.


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