Eisenach Adventures


This morning I woke up with a nice view of the Wartburg castle from my bedroom. I got ready and went downstairs for a beautiful gourmet breakfast with my host family.

After breakfast my host mom and two host sisters and I drove to the Burschenschafts-Denkmal and walked up a lot of stairs to the top where we were able to stand and look out at the city and see for miles. We could see the Wartburg Castle and where my host family lives.

We then drove to a bakery for lunch where I had a slice of a delicious apple cake. We met the rest of the castle singers at the Bachhaus for a tour. The tour guide played the organs and harpsichords and played recording of other interesting instruments that Bach used for his pieces. I had a döner, a huge sandwich filled with meat and vegetables as a second lunch to tide me over until dinner.

We then rehearsed in the Georgenkirche which had a beautiful acoustic and amazing architecture. I stood really high in the balcony and was really nervous about falling off. My host family picked me up and we got pizzas for dinner, got ready for the concert and gave a beautiful concert which everyone loved. I also got recognized and was given a small gift for my birthday.

After the concert my host family took me to a bar to celebrate my birthday and the wonderful concert we gave and then we headed back to the house. It was a pretty good birthday, definitely one to remember!


One thought on “Eisenach Adventures

  1. Have been enjoying your blogs! Great experience that didn’t have when I sang in the Castle Singers back in the 50’s. We have, however, been to the Castle on alumni tours–beautiful! Safe travels and hope to hear your group at Homecoming.
    Jack Schemmel, ’53


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