May 13th: Trains, Chocolate, and a Fancy Castle

What a crazy busy day from one thing to the next.  We started an early morning at the Probstzella DDR-Grenzabahnhof-Museum. It is half way between Berlin and Munich and was a boarder checkpoint from 1949 until 1990. Pastor Jay had many stories to tell and connecting those to stories from out home stays.  From there we were all getting very eager to go to the Lauenstein Confiserie (chocolate factory)! We spent our time scoping out the wide variety of options, had a cup of coco or mochachinno, and then bought all that we think  could be carried back home with us. I think we could have stayed all day. Our final tourist stop was a steep hill up to the Lauenstein Castle and took in the historic museum and renaissance architecture. Pastor Jay stuck with us the entire day and shared his vast knowledge! We had our concert that night at Michaeliskirche in Ludwigsstadt and afterwards were all invited to one of the families homes for drinks, music, and good company!wpid-wp-1431728198204.jpegwpid-wp-1431728213339.jpegwpid-photo-collage-maker_gvgera.png.pngwpid-wp-1431727889518.jpeg


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