May 12th

When I woke up at the hostel located in the middle of the woods, I stepped outside to my porch. I was greeted by chickens and sheep as I stepped out. I was then startled by Michael brown who was starring since I came out.

The place that we stayed that night was so peaceful. It was a little hotel/hostel on imagethe farm in the forest. One of my favorite stays so far because we all got to be together.

We then walked out to the road and waited for the bus. Because we were in the middle of nowhere, it was a lot of winding roads to get out, those get me pretty sick. It was also a 2 1/2 hour drive. I slept for a majority of that. We are in the middle of the mountains so the view is fantastic. We got to the castle which was beautiful, located on the top of the hill, it loooked out the small city that reminded me a lot of Eisenach. We met the pastor of the church, he has lived in Germany for 40 years. He gave us a quick tour of the castle outside then we had some free time. A number of us went to get our favorite German/Turkish treat, Döner. We then made the long hike back up the hill to the castle where we got a tour of the inside. One of my favorite parts was that we got to wear little feet covers that made us slide around very easily. They did this to protect the floor, but, I think they gave them to us to help polish the floors. We got to sing in a few places and the acoustic was nice.

We drove to Probstzella, it was about an hour. When we got to Probstzella we had a short rehearsal then went with our host family, my host parents were Olla and Manfred Escherich. They were an elderly couple that spoke little English. I got to practice my German, I was a little rusty. While we were eating outside and having coffee a small but fat snake fell out of the bushes! It was not a dangerous snake but it still scared me a little!

We then went to the church for dinner of bratwursts. We had a wonderful concert with 2 encores. The concerts just keep getting better and better. After the concert there was a reception planned but everyone went home. I drank local beer and chatted with the people that hosted us. We then went back and watched the semifinals for soccer. It was a good day with some great people.

The picture is of my home stay that night.


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