A Trip Along the River

Today we said goodbye to our fist host families on this trip ready to head out and explore the city of Potsdam. Saying goodbye was difficult for many of us as we all made wonderful connections with the people of Boizenburg.

After making a three hour trip we made it to Potsdam where we would embark on a 90 minute harbor cruise. As we went along our cruise we were able to experience the lush landscape around the city.

Throughout the cruise we saw multiple castes and palaces located on various small islands along the river. Howeve, as beautifly as these palaces were, what intriguede the most was the impact that the division of East and West Germany had on Potsdam. There is a bridge in Potsfam where he dividing line ran right through the nude and was often referred to as the secrets bridge during the Cold War. While the bridge was origin constructed by wood it was severely damaged during the war that it was unble to be used and was eventually restored using modern materials. Other various churches and buildings that we saw on this cruise had been reconstructed due to damage from the war.

After our boat tour we had a bit of time to explore the city and grab some lunch before departing for Bad Belzig. The church we are performing in tonight is beautiful. The Elwin’s has actually been redone using wood because of damage from the war. Fun fact: the church also houses seven different organs! The concert is sure to be great tonight!

Kayla Wiley


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